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Justin Bieber: He’s ‘Hiding Something’ With His Apology Video

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Justin’s apology video has over 4 million Facebook views but even though he seems ‘sincere’ our experts feel like Justin isn’t telling his Beliebers everything because he shot it in the dark.

Justin Bieber was so overwhelmed after his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jan. 30, that he stayed up all night and posted a video for his fans explaining why he wasn’t himself. We were totally shocked by how honest he was being but our experts tell that he might not be as transparent as you think.

Justin Bieber: He’s ‘Hiding Something’ With His Apology Video

We spoke with psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman who pointed out that it definitely seems strange that the video was so dimly lit, even though it was shot late at night.

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“Justin seems sincere,” she says. “Although, making the video in darkness means that he’s hiding something or is still afraid to show the real him. He needs to be in psychotherapy to help him rise above the pain of the haters and to follow through with his softer intentions.”
Wow, we never really looked at it like this. Justin did point out on Ellen that it was his first public appearance in a while and that he felt uncomfortable in the spotlight, so maybe that’s why it was so dark?
“It’s true that many performers are extroverts behind the mask of their art,” family therapist, Dr. Gilda Carle tells us. “For Justin Bieber, his mask is his hyped up, bad boy persona. However, behind that mask, he may very well be an insecure introvert, as many performers are, and one who really does care about how audiences view him. That’s not unusual. Most performers are very concerned about what people say about them. I think he’s probably being sincere about feeling nervous about appearing as a real guy who can talk without the mask of his performance or his bad boy persona.”
Dr. Gilda also adds: “As Bieber is about to turn 21, it’s nice to see that he’s willing to admit he’s been ‘pretending’ and ‘covering up’ his inner feelings. Actually, the true person behind the mask is probably very insecure. But it’s a sign of growing up to admit this insecurity, and to want to turn over a new leaf by being real. Good for him!”

We think that Justin was coming from a good place and we really hope he turns things around!
HollywoodLifers, do you agree with the experts?
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