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Published on: December 5, 2014
Photography by: SPLASH
The diet is out the window! With her notorious bottom-baring Paper Magazine cover shoot behind her, Kim Kardashian has apparently been gorging on food!
The 34-year-old reality TV sexpot’s figure has blossomed since she posed for Paper in Paris from Feb. 25 to March 5. Experts who compared the before and after photos believe Kim started gaining weight during the photo shoot, and has apparently continued to chow down in a bid to deal with her stress-filled life.
“Typically, when celebs are getting ready for a photo shoot, they diet hard and work out hard, (and afterward) they relax and eat more,” nutritionist and healthy lifestyle expert Lisa DeFazio told The National ENQUIRER. “Kim tweets about her diet struggles and she loves food. Chances are that she’s 
Dr. Gilda Carle, celebrity relationship expert, said Kim might think that she can stuff herself since she’s married and doesn’t “have to work as hard to attract someone from the opposite sex.” Maintaining her “beautiful body,” which, as the risqué Paper pictures show is the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star’s greatest asset, adds to her stress, Dr. Gilda said.
“There is so much stress on people like this not to show an ounce of fat, to not show a stretch mark. “They work very, very hard at not eating or eating very, very minimally 
so every ounce of fat does 
not show,” she added.
Living under the same roof with her controlling “momager,” Kris Jenner, could also feed Kim’s frustration and lead to overindulging, Dr. Gilda said.
When they are frustrated, people process their anger at not being in control by eating more, by chewing, by 
masticating. “Using your teeth is a way of biting off somebody else’s head!”

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