Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Country Music Doctor Prescribes Sara Evans This Week

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Hi, All,

I love how you miss me when I’m gone. Sorry, but I’ve been in a whirlwind lately, with photo shoots, video shoots, meetings, and travel. For those in withdrawal without my “30-Second Therapist” Today Show column, each week, they are archived on my 2 websites: can also scope my columns and whereabouts on my Facebook Fan Page (, where you can leave comments and chat with me. On LinkedIn (, you can find my more business-relevant posts.

Here’s one you can read now:

A wife has a “gut feeling” her husband is unfaithful.  How much credence should we invest in our guts? The Country Music Doctor prescribes Sara Evans’ “Slow Me Down” so the wife doesn’t jump the gun before she has more information.
I was in Phoenix for my triplet nieces’ 4th Birthday Party. Their innocence and unconditional love is a lesson for us all!

I talked to Valerie Harper about her refusal to accept the doctors’ prediction that her life would be over from brain cancer last year.  This year, she was promoting her invigorating appearances in the Hallmark series, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”  I also spoke to the series Creator/Executive Producer, Martha Williamson, who also brought us “Touched by an Angel.”  Two very inspiring women!!

My goddaughter’s communion was fabulous. We’re educating her to fit in…but stand out, as you can see here!

News about the cold New York weather has not stopped!  This is May, and we’re still shivering.  Can you believe how I’m bundled up in this May photo?  Brrr!!!
At a party in Manhattan, some people were wearing winter jackets with hoods over their heads.  How about some heat finally??

Besides the movie screenings, parties, clients, and appearances, I was just invited to join the cast of a new TV show.  More dish when I have it!  Please stay in touch.

Dr. Gilda

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