Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Kenny Chesney is This Edition’s Prescription!

When a “player” jumps from woman to woman, and then admits he’s “Confused,” it’s time for a serious intervention!

Some years ago, I was CMT’s guest at a Kenny Chesney concert at Madison Square Garden. While there, I chatted up the singer’s great talents with Sean Hannity, who I know from Fox.  Actually, I think Chesney’s songs are poetic, and I prescribe a lot of them as the Country Music Doctor in our Country Cures workshops. They really are healing!

In particular, the song, “Don’t Blink,” along with its incredible video, shocks us into appreciating our mortality and vulnerability.  In this edition of my Today Show “30-Second Therapist” column, I knew the “player” looking for advice needed a come-to-Jesus moment.  Based on his private feedback to me later, I was right!  What do YOU think about what I told him?
With the blessing of some country music record labels, I’m creating PSAs right now for our bullied kids and our beloved veterans, two groups I’m passionate about helping.  As you know, Country Cures is a 501(c)(3) educational charity, and if anyone would like to contribute to this effort in any way, please let me hear from you.  We’re anticipating huge press.  I appreciate all the support you’ve already given us.
New York’s Fashion Week is underway.  I got to model a special UpCouture T-shirt from Paris that has unique inner stretch bands that remind us to straighten up.  I especially like this product because I’ve been bent over my computer for too long. I work towards better posture with my Pilates Reformer trainer, but this shirt is an all-day prompt. Would you believe it’s anything but a regular shirt?
Have a GREAT Valentine’s Day.  I’m celebrating withLisa Lampanelli on her hysterical Sirius radio show at 7 PM EST, February 13—with live call-ins. She’s negative about V-Day.  How about you?  If you’d like me to answer a burning love question you have, definitely call me there. (1-888-STERN101)
For those of you who’ve been asking, I’m hopefully going to see some of you soon in Phoenix, Nashville, Palm Springs, and more.  We’re still working on the logistics.
Dr. Gilda


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