Wednesday, January 8, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May what you want in 2014 be the least of what you get!!

It’s been a very busy time for me—despite everyone else’s merriment!

The great Kelly Ford interviewed me on NASH FM—and you’ll hear all about Country Cures® as soon as it airs, later this month.

I also did a fun radio interview with Chris DeBello about holiday loneliness.  Of course, he asked me to dish about Country Cures®.  Enjoy our dialogue:

Then I celebrated New Year’s Day on Sydney, Australia’s highest rated TV “Morning Show.”  The topic was whether to end or mend a broken relationship in the new year, the time when breakups are rampant.  If you’re in this situation, perhaps this clip will help you decide:

Finally, here’s this week’s “30-Second Therapist” column on the Today Show website.  For other doozies you’ve missed in the past few weeks, check the archives at or

Question: Why do so many women feel compelled to divulge their most private information to their guys?  One woman bragged about all her sex partners—and it backfired.  Someone else wants to reconnect with an old flame—for what appear to be the wrong reasons.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

And last, please share this New Year’s resolution with me:

After reading this, I’ll never waste another moment on tasks that bring me down!
Dr. Gilda

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