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Since Country Cures(r) launched, I've been meeting with lots of people regarding the new company, doing tons of interviews, and attending lots of Christmas parties.
This weekend, I appeared on legendary 770 AM WABC Radio on "The Saturday CafĂ© with Laura Smith," discussing how to navigate your relationships with country music-especially using Country Cures(R) technology!  
If you haven't yet seen the new website, it's  Especially see the two Country Cures(R) videos for anti-bullying and unemployment woes. 
In my Today Show column this week, one woman wonders about her guy who moved toward togetherness like a tortoise before finally expressing his love.  But suddenly, he darted like a cheetah into his cave!  What do these startling bipolar behaviors of many men mean?
Another woman left her marriage after 15 years of being her husband's shadow.  She's interested in someone new, but she never cleared out the stuff that contributed to her shadow dancing. 
Here's my take on these two.  WHAT'S YOURS?
Is male psychology that difficult to dissect?
Let me hear your thoughts!

Dr. Gilda
What's a woman to do when one Prince Charming after another turns out to be a frog? Most women mistakenly chase after the fairy tale, and in their desire to be swept away, they fail to cultivate their own gifts.To succeed in love, women must sharpen their personal power, project it, and attract partners who respect it and reflect it. How a woman treats herself sends the message about how she expects others to treat her. Using real examples, revealing Self-Assessments, her memorable GILDA-GRAMS, and plenty of humor, DR. GILDA demonstrates how to hook, hug, and hold a worthy mate.
Don't Bet On The Prince
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