Thursday, June 6, 2013


Paris Jackson’s Alleged Suicide Attempt: She Felt Unloved — Dr. Gilda

Paris Jackson Family Suicide


Ubaldo said...

I will be praying for Paris Jackson. Money is not a cure all. Right now! In the name above all names "JESUS, Rebuke this 'spirit of suicide' and cancel any plans that it may have to steal, kill and destroy!" Peace, Love, and Harmony to Paris Jackson and her family! May there be shalom in her home. And all those in favor, say "Amen".

Anonymous said...

Everyone deserves to feel loved...and in this crazy world we live in ...sometimes the person who needs to love us the most is ourself. If we don't learn to love ourselves and see the uniqueness and beauty we each carry, then how will we ever accept the love of someone else?

Paris is beautiful, kind, creative, passionate and lets face is...she is truly a gift from the stars.

May she find inner love, inner peace and true happiness. And if you are reading this Paris...know that YOU ARE STRONG AND BRAVE AND YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS! Never give up on hope!

Ms. I