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Dr. Gilda

Luther Vandross sings, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”  Is that a solution to an unhappy union?  In my Today Show “30-Second Therapist,” a husband refuses to have sex with his wife—BUT the wife’s ex is hot to trot.  Another reader has been with a separated man for 5+ years, but he’s dragging his feet on next steps.  And she’s finally become fed up?  Do you agree with my warnings about splits and separations?  


This has been a very busy week for press.  Here are some of my TV, Radio, & Print clips:

1.    Fifteen-year-old Paris Jackson attempted suicide, and I was part of a lively discussion on HuffPost News Live TV, with some of my media friends:

2.    Hollywood Life quoted me on what may have driven Paris’ drastic behavior:

3.    The great Jim Bohannon interviewed me again on his radio show: 
Click on at 1:19:55 to end, for the hour, and hear about my latest adventures with my healing work. 

4.    “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” re-ran on Investigation Discovery: I’ve been asked to appear again on ID’s next edition of “50 Ways…” for Valentine’s Day, 2014.


So how was YOUR week?

Dr. Gilda

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the advice you gave this woman. My mama always told me..if it's over once..then its over! Never look back to try and rekindle the flame that blew itself out.

And if your current relationship isn't working..then work on that or close that chapter as well.

Let's face it...a sequel is never as good as the original movie.

Ms. I