Friday, May 3, 2013

"30-Second Therapist" Now on Today Show HEALTH Page!

Hi, All,
What do you think about this: Should a person give her/his cheater another chance?  

I’m delighted to announce that my “30-Second Therapist” column is now on Today Show’s Health page, because the condition of our relationships affects our entire health.  So, yay for this move! And it's perfect apropos of my recent Columbia University Medical Center Relationship Wellness work with medical and dental students!  

The questions for this week involve two entirely different people, both of who need to take a deeper look at their interactions.  It’s easy to point fingers at a partner, but what, exactly, attracts you to this person?  That’s where your clues to healing lie.  Sound convoluted?  Read these questions and my answers—and tell me what you think.

Pinterest displays my inspirational Gilda-Gram messages to Remember and Refer. This week’s Gilda-Gram™ is:  “If you’re in a miserable union, forget a 12-Step Program.  You need only two steps:  Get Up, Get OUT.”  I hope this ushers in tranquility and happiness for you.

PS:  As the Relationship to the Stars, my FB fan page at is great fun with the people and happenings in the news.  Today I posted about the first ever International Clitoris Awareness Week!!!  No joke, but the comments were raucous!!  Feel free to contribute.

Yours in HEALTH,
Dr. Gilda

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