Friday, April 26, 2013

"30-Second Therapist" -- Know Your Power!

Hi, All,

Last week’s bombing news was so awful, we suspended “30-Second Therapist” on the Today Show website to give us time to heal. Thankfully, we are coming back to ourselves, although I continue to mourn the senseless deaths, and the runners and others who are missing their legs!  God help them—and us all!!  I posted about this on my FB fan page:, and I welcome your comments.

Today’s two questions SEEM very different, but are actually quite similar:  one woman wants to know why her ex is playing mind games with her, and a rape victim who contracted herpes can’t shake her feelings of filth. BOTH women must reclaim their power!  What do you think?

Know your power—and project it.  It’s the heart of everything you attract and achieve!  Let me know.

Dr. Gilda

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