Friday, March 15, 2013


kim kanye separate for too long
It’s been 11 days since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West last spent time together!!
Now that may not seem like a long time apart, but for a six months pregnant mama-to-be, relationship experts are saying it’s a “crucial” period to miss.
Why such a big deal? Today Show’s Dr. Gilda Carle explains to sources:
“Face time is crucial while a woman is carrying her man’s child. Especially during pregnancy, when emotional highs and lows are rampant, the woman wants to feel that she’s not going to term alone… There’s physical presence and emotional presence."
She also offered a suggestion if the couple's careers get in the way:
"If physical presence is impossible, like when Kanye is touring or performing at a distance, a couple can enjoy hot intimate moments on Skype or Face Time. And they can be texting quickie love notes at odd times of the day. No woman, pregnant or not, wants to feel abandoned. But particularly during pregnancy, where the bond is obvious, this is when she most needs her man’s support.”

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