Friday, March 8, 2013


Justin Bieber’s Meltdowns Because Of His Split With Selena Gomez?

Justin has had a lot of negative things happen recently: his birthday meltdown, he fought with the paparazzi, he collapsed on stage, and he was photographed smoking what appeared to be marijuana. spoke with experts who tell us if it’s because of his breakup with Selena!

Justin Bieber appears to be coming a bit unhinged and his recent behavior is a clear indication. spoke with four top relationship experts and psychologists who tell us exactly why Justin could be spiraling out of control.

Is Justin Acting Out Because Of His Break Up With Selena?

We spoke with Dr. Gilda Carle who tells us that the breakup with Selena is definitely a cause for Justin’s recent outbursts. For instance, he has been running around without his shirt on, he got into a fight on Mar. 8 with photographers, and he almost fainted on stage on Mar. 7 — things are getting a bit out of hand!
But one thing to point out is that all of this is happening since he broke up with Selena. You never used to hear negative things about Justin when he was with Selena, at least not this often!
“When a couple is together, there is an interdependence on one another that results in each of them taking care of the other,” Dr. Gilda Carle, the 30-Second Therapist on the Today Show says. “While men in our culture don’t like to admit it, the value of having a deep and caring love calms them. Without Selena, it seems that Justin is spiraling out of control … he seems to be without direction and grounding.”

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