Friday, February 22, 2013


Hi, Everyone,

Thanks to you, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” did VERY WELL in Investigation Discovery’s ratings.  Even though these random clips can’t capture the humor behind the stories, please comment on my YouTube channel regarding what you enjoyed about the show: This will help us plan other programs you enjoy.

I’ll be teaching Relationship Wellness at Columbia University Medical Center. Medical and dental students have already submitted questions they’d like me to address, similar to my Today Show, “30-Second Therapist” column.  I’m very excited to help mold left-brain students into whole-brain practitioners!  Studies prove the inverse correlation between bedside manner and medical malpractice lawsuits, so the financial payoffs can rival the personal payoffs.

I’ve also been using EFT Tapping for work with PTSD clients, particularly veterans and their broken relationships.  It’s fascinating how the electromagnetic signals on the acupuncture points make a sweeping emotional impact on the amygdala in the brain.  I’ll detail this work at Columbia.  We know that stimulating key points on the skin changes brain activity, and Harvard Medical and others are researching the science behind it. 

And now for this week’s “30-Second Therapist” column:  What Does “Love” Really Mean?  A woman says she’s staying with her boyfriend only because “he’s good to me.” And a man who’s grafted his lips to his girlfriend’s sphincter can’t understand why their relationship is over!  Duh!! - .USfOVaXgeQG The great Jim Bohannon asked me on his radio show the other night, “Where do they find these people?” Jim, sadly, WE are these people!

Guys, love is the most important element in your life. Send the universe the message that you won’t waste time on insignificance, even if it means waiting for true worth to find you. Get your house in order, so when it does, you’re ready to receive it! 

Thanks for being in my life—every single one of you.
Love, of course,
Dr. Gilda

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