Monday, February 18, 2013


Taylor Swift: No More Harry Styles Disses

Taylor Swift Dissing Harry Styles

Taylor Swift
 — your split from boyfriend Harry Styles must have been really painful.Taylor — you’ve had a healthy public venting of your pain over the Harry Styles breakup, but it’s time to make your new video, “22,” the very last diss!

It clearly sent you reeling into stunning and sexy revenge dressing at the People’s Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the NRJ Awards.
Next, rumor has it that you’ve written five songs about the romance and split. Then you got a major dig in at Harry during your opening performance at the Grammys, singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” when you spoke the key line in an English accent.
Now, you’re filming your new video for “22,” a song about making fun of your ex-boyfriends, and new photos show you dressed up just like Harry in it!

Taylor Swift Writes What She Knows… Too Much?

OK, Taylor. I get it. You’re still reeling. You feel like Harry did you wrong AND you are an artist.
Your form of self-expression is to write songs about your relationships and emotions. That’s what you do, and it’s what makes you great and relatable.
You are able to articulate the painful and hopeful feelings that young women have, especially in their romantic relationships.
But after infamously writing songs about ex-boyfriends Joe Jonas – “Forever and Always” – John Mayer – “Dear John” – Jake Gyllenhall – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” — you have now zeroed in on Harry.
It won’t be a surprise to him. He went into the relationship with you knowing that he could very well end up as song subject material and he decided that loving you was worth it!
But with you now shooting a scene for “22″ with someone giving you the Dirty Dancing lift,”something that you and Harry did on Dec. 7 in New York City, it should be time to start moving on.

Taylor Swift: ‘Better Than Her Behavior’

I think your Harry venting — even at the Grammys — has been a healthy outlet for you, up until now. Taylor, it’s time to stop and move on.
You don’t want to get a reputation as a total romance revenge obsessor. You’re too smart, talented, and have too much self-esteem for that. Plus, you’re a role model for young women.
And while it’s of utmost importance to stand up for yourself in a relationship, you also should show your fans that it’s important to be strong enough to move on with your life and not be a slave to an ex.
Dr. Gilda Carle, 30-Second Therapist for, agrees that “every woman who has been betrayed says, ‘Go Taylor!’” But on the other hand, “any guy who goes out with her now is crazy. Why would a guy want to set himself up for such ridicule?” she points out.
And Taylor, that’s true. Harry wasn’t afraid to fall in love with you, but not all men that you like may have that courage — especially now! Most would die to be dissed at the Grammys.
And you’re only 23 — you have a long romantic life ahead of you. You really don’t want to become dating kryptonite!

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