Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi, All,

It’s freezing in NY right now, and I can’t wait to get to a warmer climate!

What a week!  A few clips for my upcoming Valentine’s Day special on Investigation Discovery have been posted on the main page of  As you will see, it’s a wild show, graphically depicting some evil crimes of passion.  CAUTION:  If you have even an inkling that someone you’re with is off balance, trust your gut, then find your exit!  After watching this show, you’ll understand why.

Two articles I wrote for were posted on the main page of Yahoo—and were read by over half a million readers.  My website and I are still recovering!

I had a great dinner the other night with my gorgeous and cool editor.  Here is this week’s 30-Second Therapist column:  It addresses these thorny questions:  What if your honey’s family hates you?  What if your love is not fully committed? My  Gilda-Gram warns, “What you fight to get, you’ll fight to keep.”  DO YOU NEED THAT?

Please continue sending me your great questions. 
Dr. Gilda

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