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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Should Get Engaged Now, Experts Say

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Kim Kardashian Engaged Kanye West

Kim Kardashian
 and Kanye West have been officially dating for less than a year, but they are already going to be parents — and Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphriesisn’t even finalized yet!Kim and Kanye are so excited to welcome a baby together, but experts tell EXCLUSIVELY that Kimye should plan on tying the knot ASAP for the sake of their baby.

But even though Kim is tangled up in legal marriage drama of her own, Dr. Gilda Carle, relationship expert and 30-Second Therapist on the Today Show, revealed to that Kim and Kanye should establish a secure, long-term relationship for the sake of their child.
“If two people have signed on the dotted line for commitment, that vibe of security and longevity will translate to their child,” Dr. Gilda said.
Dr. Carole Lieberman, Psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets, agreed.
“Ideally, people should be married before they have babies, but they should at least both be planning to spend their lives together,” Dr. Carole said. ”If they are both honestly in love with each other, then it would be good to get engaged now.”
However, Dr. Carole also added that they shouldn’t get married just because she is pregnant, unless they truly love each other. Otherwise, it will make the problem “worse.”

Kim Needs To Move On From Her Divorce Drama From Kris

Although Dr. Gilda said that marriage isn’t 100 percent necessary for good parenting —  ”a piece of paper will not make parents better at parenting” — Kim needs to settle her divorce from Kris as soon as possible, to ”tie up old memories and focus on her new baby.”
“The stress of Kris Humphries still in her life will be a burden she does not need now,” Dr. Gilda revealed.

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