Thursday, December 13, 2012


Taylor's new video is very different from the others she's produced.  Watch this!!

I LOVE how Taylor uses music therapy to heal her relationships with her exes, in contrast to other celebs who turn to drugs, alcohol, and acting out.  This is a very dark song & video.  Who hasn't been there in love?  But it's prophetic that she admits she knew—as everyone does—that this guy would be trouble—but she pursued the relationship and the excitement and the intrigue anyway.

The message is eerily poetic:  you don't know who you are until you lose who you are!  My annotation is that the need to find yourself again is what causes you to grow.

Dr. Gilda Carle
Relationship Expert
"30-Second Therapist," Today Show Website

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Anonymous said...

Hello from NYC. I've watched this twice and it's obvious to me that Ms. Swift wants to make things better between men and women -- and all people -- in this society and she's trying to do this via her music. She believes very strongly in right and wrong and she's trying to learn from the aftermath of her relationship that went wrong. Good for her!