Wednesday, November 28, 2012


EXCLUSIVE!  Dr. Gilda Warns The Vicious Custody Battle Will Have Devastating Long-Term Consequences On Nahla

On Tuesday, Gabriel Aubry failed in his bid to overturn an order banning him from seeing Nahla following that bloodied brawl with Halle Berry’s fiance Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving.
The fight comes on the heels of a two-year bitter custody war, which has pegged one parent against the other, both in court and in the press.
The latest and most troubling incident resulted after Berry failed in her attempt to move to Paris with her  daughter.
Even Berry’s mother acknowledged that “things need to calm down”.
Former nurse Judith Hawkins told Celebuzz: ”This  cannot go on things have got to calm down. I  hope that things get better, I really hope that they do; they have got to get  better.”
When asked how Berry and Nahla were holding up, Hawkins replied: “As far as I know Halle and Nahla are fine though.”

But is Nahla really fine? She is only four and what impact will this vicious battle have on her as she grows up?

Dr. Gilda fears the impact her parents custody war will have on Nahla as she grows up

“Today” show’s “30-Second Therapist” Dr. Gilda Carle predicts that it will take an emotional toll on the child as she gets older.

“Nahla will grow up believing that men’s role is to LITERALLY fight for their woman,”  Dr. Gilda Carle tells Celebzter. ”She’ll also grow up believing that all men take to abuse and fighting when they can’t get their way.

“Surrounded but nothing but chaos, she’ll seek the same kind of environment when she’s picking partners.  Halle needs a lot of intensive therapy to discover when she keeps picking abusive men, and how she can find someone who doesn’t use his fists.

“Children pick up the cues from their parents’ behaviors, not from the words their parents tell them.”

For the sake of their daughter, perhaps Berry and Aubry should put their emotions to one side and concentrate on the well-being of their daughter, not just today, but in the long-term….

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