Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Least Among Saints"

"Least Among Saints" is the story of a veteran of the Iraq & Afghanistan war.  It tells of a man who returned from war severely broken with PSTD, and it poignantly depicts his journey to re-connection, redemption, and love.  I saw the movie at a private screening for the media in New York last night.  I cried at its rawness.  This is a must-see movie!!

Here I am with Marty Papazian, screenwriter/actor/director.  He performed all 3 tasks brilliantly in this amazing film.  Although I've seen his acting before, this work of his is genius.

Please see this movie and support our troops.  Helping our veterans is a personal mission of love for me, as I often provide counseling for veterans' fractured relationships.  I need as much help as possible.  
Thank you for appreciating the seriousness of this work.
Dr. Gilda

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