Thursday, October 11, 2012


Dina — Grow Up!!

Dina Lohan Lindsay Lohan Fight

Dina Lohan
 — you’re a 50-year-old baby, who needs to start acting like a mom, not a party pal, before you ruin your daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s life even further.Dina Lohan — you once again prove why you are the worst mom of the year. It’s ridiculous that you’re battling with Lindsay so viciously –  after clubbing, no less –  that the police had to be called.

#1 WHY were you out partying until 4 a.m. at the Electric Room in the Dream Hotel with Lindsay in the first place? Lindsay is an ADULT, who has been to in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction four times! Why would you go with her to precisely the kind of place where she could fall off the wagon? It’s completely irresponsible for you to enable temptation for her, especially because you were no doubt having a few drinks yourself?
Dina Should Be Keeping Lindsay Out of Trouble, Not Get Her Into It!
As an adult and a mother, you should be the last person that your drama-addicted daughter has such a big fight with that police had to be called.
Dina, YOU, should not be the reason that Lindsay has another run-in with the law, in any way. She’s already been jailed twice and is currently on “informal probation.” Do you really want your daughter to have to end up in court again because you were fighting with her?
That’s a little selfish, Dina. Or should I say — a lot selfish!
Dina Is Sabotaging Lindsay’s Career
You absolutely ARE sabotaging but her sobriety and her career prospects. Every fight, every police incident, will make film producers less likely to offer Lindsay roles- they don’t want the drama and uncertainty about her behavior on their sets!
Dina — you and Lindsay need to be in counseling, the sooner, the better, says Dr. Gilda Carle, The 30 Second Therapist for “This is not healthy, especially since there are other children in the house. The other kids will see their mom as competition, not someone to go for advice, support and love.”
Yet, that’s what Lindsay wants from you, Dina. She does want a mom, who is more mature and stable, than she is. If she wasn’t desperate to have a mom, she would have cut off her relationship with you long ago. But she NEEDS a mom. She already doesn’t have a dad. Publicity-hungry Michael Lohan is hardly a father she can count on for support and guidance.
Lindsay Is Desperate For A Real Mother
“Lindsay is crying out ‘Mommy! Be my mommy and not my BFF!” says Dr. Gilda.
Then get yourself and Lindsay into serious ongoing counseling and get ready to grow up and be the real mother that Lindsay and your other three kids need! 

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