Saturday, September 15, 2012


Prince William Must Be Traumatized By Kate 

Middleton’s Topless Photos

Poor Prince William. His beloved mother died in a paparazzi car chase, and now he wasn’t able to protect his wife from a paparazzi’s telephoto lense. He may feel he’s failed his wife, warns an expert.

Prince William, you must be feeling so powerless to protect your lovely wife Kate Middleton, now that French magazine Closer has published her topless photos on its cover.
No doubt you feel violated and intruded upon. Who wouldn’t? But for you, it must feel even worse than it would for one of us regular folks or even for the average Hollywood star.
That’s because your dearly loved mother, Princess Diana of Wales, died at the young age of 36, after being hounded and literally chased by aggressive paparazzi.She was killed in a horrible car crash after a high speed car chase with a dozen paparazzi on motorcycles trailing her car.
You had to have been scarred by that experience. Losing a mother at a young age is life altering enough when it happens due to illness or an accident. But when you’ve lost your mom tragically due to privacy-invading fame, it is horribly unique.
Now, 15 years later, you must feel like you are reliving that terrifying and grief-stricken time.
Despite everything you’ve done to protect the woman you love, she has been violated by a photographer who snapped photos of her topless and bottomless while sunbathing.
“This has to be traumatizing for Prince William because he’s already lived this horror,” explained celebrity relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle of “Repeat of a trauma can be very very disturbing.”
Furthermore, this incident could be making Prince William, who is so responsible all the time, feel inadequate, which is a horrible feeling for a man, believes Dr. Gilda, the 30-second therapist on “He may imagine that he has failed his wife in his protection and one of the things that a woman wants most is for her man to protect her. So he may feel that he’s let his wife down.”
And of course for William, this is a particularly sensitive situation because of his mom.

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