Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Day After 9/11

It was the most gorgeous New York day today: crisp, but with a hot sun.  It's hard to believe that yesterday was such a sad anniversary downer.  I have such tenderness in my heart for the troops who continue to defend us, and who, if they are lucky, return to try to collect their lives.  So many of the military write to me with relationship issues.  I will be working with them in the future.  

Today started at 5:30 AM at the gym with a killer spin class run by my pal, an ophthalmologist.  Then off to do my day.  I met a great new acupuncturist who's also an MD.  He did some work on a tendon that had popped while I was lifting heavy weights on Friday.  I had such fun meeting his office staff, especially the hot DC who owns the practice.  The DC INSISTED on valeting my car so it wouldn't get a parking ticket.  He even sweetly put money in a parking meter for me, which I didn't know about until later.  Talk about personalized service!  What nice guys!!  The MD recognized me from TV, so we had some good conversation in between the DC's darting in and out of my exam room.  Uh, before you jump to conclusions, everyone was fully clothed!!

Then off to see my Creative Director who did my hair.  I grabbed a salad from Whole Foods and returned to my office to conduct business, hire some artists, and write my new 30-Second Therapist column for this week's  My electrician friend stopped by in the evening to put finishing touches on my renovated kitchen and bedroom.  I love how inviting these rooms are now.  I added soft red mood lights behind my prodigious bed's headboard--and he teased me about how I would use them.  Now I'm about to confer with my IT guy.  It was a great day, and I feel fulfilled.  

I hope your day was just as sunny!  And I pray this country and all its inhabitants will feel grace and gratitude for their own sunny days . . . 
Dr. Gilda

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