Sunday, September 23, 2012


For me, it's been a great workout weekend!  Yesterday, I did a spin class, returned to my office to do some writing, and then went back to the gym for a GREAT Zumba class.  This morning, I did spin and Zumba again, but with different instructors.  My pal taught our spin class.  He's an ophthalmologist, and I prompted him to join me in Zumba.  He agreed, came in for 1 minute, saw the wild level of the dancing, and said he couldn't do it--and left.  Not ALL doctors can't dance!  Oh, will I tease him!!  

Right now, I'm ridding myself of old clothes I don't wear.  It's a wonderful feeling of freedom!  My regret this weekend so far is that I missed the birthday party of my friend, Randy Jones, the Cowboy in the Village People.  It's always a fun event each year, but I just couldn't make it last night.  Next year!  I'll continue my clearing out . . .  Then it's time to meditate, and explore the wonders of this gorgeous and crisp sunny New York day.

Be well and happy!
Dr. Gilda

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