Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Great & Grateful Day!

It was a gorgeous and cool New York day with glorious sun!  Montel's brother, Herman Williams III, took me for drinks at the beautiful Ca Va, one of Todd English's restaurants.  Besides reminiscing about all the TV shows we did together in the past, and all we plan to do in the future, he showed me his new book.  I won't even tell you the controversial title.  WATCH FOR IT.  He'll be all over the media talking about it within just days.

While we were enjoying ourselves, I looked up and there was the author of "50 Shades of Grey"!!  I had just seen her photo in the newspaper.  In person, she looks like anywoman, anyhousewife, anymother, NOT the sex crazed characters she writes about.  What a hoot!!

Then I was off to the Harvard Club for a beautiful pastoral discussion with the MasterMedia group I've become so fond of.  The conversation stimulated my imagination for some inspiring concepts to include in my next columns.  

As I walked the blocks to fetch my car in the crisp darkness,  I thought of how grateful I am for all I have and all the friends I know.  Thank you to all my readers for contributing to my personal appreciation for life!
Dr. Gilda

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