Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marriage--Beginning & End: 30-Second Therapist

Hi, Everyone,
I just returned from a gorgeous beachside destination wedding of two twenty-somethings. Cost: $40,000!  Research says that’s on the higher side, but still within the norm of what people are spending these days on nuptials. Would you shell out this kind of cash for a marital party? Keep this in mind: All expenditures appear to be monetary, but they’re much deeper than that.

Speaking of marriages that are NOT parties: This week’s 30-Second Therapist column is called, “I Want Kids but My Husband Doesn’t,” and it’s from a woman who changed her mind about babies after she wed.  Another woman writes that her husband of 17 years, going through a mid-life crisis, just divorced her. She is devastated, and wants guidance.

A long-term marriage costs more than $40K in SOUL expenditure.  Money is not just cash; it’s soul energy, too.  Consider all your outlays with this in mind!

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Dr. Gilda

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