Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kristen Scared Rob Would Propose!

Dr. Gilda's Theory: Kristen Was Scared Rob Would Propose! 

Kristen Stewart Cheated Because She Was Scared Robert Pattinson Would Propose — Experts Say

Did K-Stew stray because she was afraid of a life-long commitment with Rob? 

Kristen Stewart had it all: a fast-moving career, fans who loved her, and a boyfriend who would walk on fire for her.
So why when everything seemed to be picture perfect did she go behind Robert Pattinsons back and cheat on him with Rupert Sanders, a 41-year-old married man?
Well, with reports surfacing that Rob was preparing to get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage just might have triggered her running away.
“This is a likely possibility. She was terrified of a marriage and she ran like a deer in headlights without thought of consequences,” Dr. Gilda Carle, the 30-Second Therapist on

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