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Katie Holmes Is A Great Mom – She’s Going Through Hell For Suri’s Sake

Katie Holmes Divorce

You have to admire Katie Holmes who isn’t just divorcing Tom Cruise – she’s divorcing Scientology. Can you imagine the pressure she’s enduring from those two massive forces, so she can protect her precious daughter!

Katie Holmes – you may be the best mom in Hollywood. You’ve decided to do what every great mother who unconditionally loves her child would do – that’s PUT YOUR DAUGHTER first.
You have put Suri‘s safety and future mental health ahead of your own career and even your own marriage. If reports are to be believed – and they certainly ring true – you knew you HAD to escape with Suri pronto from your marriage to Tom Cruise, before she was sucked into Scientology school and having to take Scientology’s strange security checks called a “sec checks” for children.
You planned your shocking exit along with your father Martin Holmes carefully for at least a year. Even though you knew you would be put under intense pressure by Tom, and potential intimidation by the Scientology establishment, you were determined to extract Suri, so she could live a normal life.
Now you’ve been sighted crying after an intense phone conversation while you were with Suri and her friends at NYC eatery, Alice’s Tea Cup.
“She’s going to be in emotional turmoil for some time. She’s freaked out. Very freaked out about the possibility of losing her child,” agrees psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle of “Plus, she’s living out this divorce in the public eye. She might as well be in a fish bowl.”
Can you imagine what Katie’s been dealing with? She’s been married to a powerful, controlling man for almost five years and he’s a member of a powerful, controlling “religion” that she also participated in.
Ex-Scientologists have spoken out about how intimidating and difficult it can be to leave Scientology. So Katie is coping with dual pressures.
But impressively, she is taking a strong stance, both personally – moving apartmentsfiring her former staff – and legally – asking for sole custody and New York jurisdiction for the divorce.
How many Hollywood mothers could be this courageous? Turning their backs on a wealthy, well-connected husband who could potentially hurt their acting careers?
But, I bet Katie weighed her options and decided that protecting Suri was her only priority. I bet she is prepared to lose her career if need be.
She’ll approach her career in a much better way now, says Dr. Gilda, the 30-second therapist of “She’ll be different, stronger. The reason she got into this relationship was that she wasn’t strong enough. She said that when she was growing up, every young girl wanted to marry Tom Cruise.”
Well Tom, it’s amazing how being a mom can bring out the backbone in a woman.
I’d say, Tom, you better watch out. Courageous Katie has only one thing on HER mind – Suri. And Tom, you don’t want to get between a mama bear and her cub!

Bonnie Fuller

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