Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Kris Jenner: You’re A Lousy Mom For Exploiting Your Own & Kendall & Kylie’s Sexuality On Video

Kardashian Hypnotize Video

Mothers are supposed to be role models for their daughters — especially their teen daughters. Dirty dancing and having your husband Bruce slap your butt in front of them in a Twitter video plus filming Kendall and Kylie’s shaking booties is sending them every wrong message!

Kris Jenner – you need to grow up. Grow up and face reality. You are not an irresponsible teen. At least you’re not supposed to be, when you’re a 56-year-old mother of six!

No, as a mom, you’re supposed to be a role model, not be flaunting your sexuality by having a video filmed and released to the public in which you bend right over and your husband Bruce Jenner slaps your butt repeatedly for the world to see.

That’s just one of the multitude of inappropriate highlights in a new Kardashian family dance, song and more video filmed to the incredibly raunchy song, “Hypnotize,” by the late Notorious B.I.G.
The song is apparently one of Kanye West‘s favorites – surprise, surprise – but neither that, nor the fact that Kris, you no doubtedly arranged for this video to be filmed – makes this in any way, normal family viewing.

Instead, Kris you use this video to dirty dance with Bruce, hiking up your gauzey caftan to show off your bare thighs. The camera zooms in on your butt as you bend forward and shake it. You repeatedly place yourself in the center of all the booty shaking and dancing festivities with all your daughters, except Khloe, as well as son Rob Kardashian and baby daddy-in-law Scott Disick.
But not content with showing off your own sexuality, you put your daughters, including minors Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14, on full display.

The camera zooms in repeatedly and does close-ups on their shaking booties, their crotches and breasts, as they dance, run, get down on all fours and ride donkeys. Kris, they are 16 and 14! The last thing you should be doing is blatantly advertising their sexual appeal.

As their mother, you’re not just abdicating your position as a role model but also that of a protector. You should be covering them up, not videotaping them dancing to the words “tell them hos take they clothes off slowly and hit ‘em wit the force,” or this lovely phrase, “tits and bras, menage a tois, sex in expensive cars.” This is just wrong!

Your new video is even more explicit about exploring Kim and her infamous booty. It goes in for major closeups of her in full hump motion in the ocean in a bikini so tiny, it reveals her butt crack. Kim is also filmed singing seductively in ample cleavage-revealing bikinis.

So Kris, the question is: why is it more important for you to let the world know that you’re still young and sexy ,than to be a strong and inspiring role model to your young daughters? Teens NEED proper direction — desperately need proper adult direction!

“Kids don’t want you to be a friend, they want you to be a parent,” agrees psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle, 30 Second Therapist on “And kids never want to see their parents demonstrating their sexuality in front of them – it’s just gross to them.”

Parents, especially mothers, are supposed to set standards for their children. “They base their behavior on their mothers’ behavior,” points out Dr. Gilda of 

So Kris what kind of standards are you setting for Kendall and Kylie? That it’s right and smart to flaunt their own sexuality? Also, how can Kendall and Kylie respect you, Kris, when they’re seeing you bend over and get your butt-slapped by their father?

And do you want them mimicking your language too?“ Where’s my music, motherf–ker?” you yell at the end of the video. Is that really the way you want our teenage daughters to talk? Honestly – it’s vile.

Kris – you have no need to be threatened by your daughters’ success and sexuality. You are an incredible businesswoman who should be incredibly proud of your success.

You have built enormous careers for all your children who are attractive and relatable but certainly NOT talented actors or singers or neurosurgeons. That is a huge accomplishment.

But what you should be teaching your daughters is to be smart and have business acumen – that would be fantastic for them, points out Dr. Gilda.

However, instead you’re encouraging Kendall and Kylie NOT to go to college and instead to simply build modeling careers.

Kris – modeling is fine as a sideline but it’s no replacement for a college education which opens up multiple career opportunities for your daughters. Talk about limiting their choices and also sending the message to them that their looks are all-important.

Come on Kris. You’ve built a financial and family empire already, there has to be much more that you can do to grow it without rubbing your butt or your teen daughter’s butts in everyone’s faces!

– Bonnie Fuller

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