Friday, June 29, 2012

DR. GILDA: How WIll Suri Do?

Dr. Gilda:  Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes  

Divorce: How It Will Affect Suri

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Divorce

Temper tantrums, acting up in school — our expert tells us that Suri may face a host of issues now that she’s a child of divorce.

After Tom Cruise, 49, and Katie Holmes, 33, made headlines of their divorce how will the shocking news affect Suri Cruise‘s mental state?
Psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle, the 30-second therapist on, said “It’s not unlike a child to act up in school. To do things that that child would not [normally] do.”
Throwing a temper-tantrum would also be very typical for the 6-year old.
“When she’s crying or having an issue, she’s got to be able to express herself in a safe way,” said Dr. Gilda, of “It has to be looked upon as a way of grabbing her parents attention so they will come back in unison.”
“Kids are very manipulative and they will pull anything to get parents to come back together again,” she concluded.
HollyMoms, are you worried for Suri?

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