Friday, June 15, 2012


Chris Brown, You’ve Matured — You Didn’t Fight Drake’s Entourage

Chris Brown Drake Bar Fight

Chris, you’ve made such big strides stopping your violent ways — now you just need to work on your misogynistic language and you will be a changed man!

Chris Brown, I am very proud of you for not resorting to violence last night in your entourage’s bar fight with Drake and his entourage. Most reports are claiming that his people initiated the fight, and your rep says you, Karrueche and your friends were the “victims of a brutal attack.” Dr. Gilda agrees  that your resistance against taking part in this altercation shows how much you have changed and matured.

Dr. Gilda Carle, the 30-second therapist for, says that your staying out of the fight shows “a phenomenal improvement,” She adds that you are “growing out” of your “instant anger problem.” She even says this is great for your career and romantic life! “When you grow in one area, you grow in all the other areas as well. He’s seeing the world differently, that he doesn’t have to be provoked by everyone who gives him a dirty look,” explains Dr. Gilda.

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