Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spying On Your Honey?

“I’ve Been Spying Online on My Honey!”

Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.)

What is it with people who are in such a hurry to seal a love deal?  Do they fear that the recipient of their affections might withdraw their offer if they don’t cement it?  I find that those who push hard right out of the gate are the first to leave the race.  Having been there myself, I will never again be rushed into a love commitment or a business transaction.  Like flowing water, everything has its time and place. 

So how would you advise this woman who wrote to me at, and was just published on Yahoo?

The lady’s in a hurry, and her honey is not.  So she’s taken to spying on him online.  OUCH!!  I’m anxious to hear your comments about my advice.
Dr. Gilda


Alice said...

OyVey... a girl needs to be careful when snooping around her guy's "stuff"... it only leads to a bunch-o-hurt...
I met my "Lover" on as well... almost 4 years ago... I was divorced of my THIRD husband... I didn't take getting into another relationship lightly... My mantra: "Nothing lasts forever"... and, it doesn't!.. Even this relationship... If we live happily ever-after, it will still end... eventually...
A girl needs to take care of herself... If the man doesn't want to commit, start "hanging around" with other men... If he still doesn't want to commit, start dating other men... and, if he STILL doesn't want to commit... MOVE ON!
Back off, Girlfriend... Men like to be in charge... Add some mystery to your life... if it's right, it'll work...


I loved your comment, Alice! Thanx for logging on and sharing.
Dr. Gilda