Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dr. Gilda Says:  Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace May Grow Up To Distrust Women 

Jenelle Evans Son

Jenelle’s engagement to on-&-off beau Gary had us wondering what that would mean to her young son. Our expert says Gary better stick around, or else Jace might act out and grow up distrusting women.

Newly engaged Jenelle Evans might say she’s the “luckiest girl in the world” to have Gary Head in her life, but what about her other man, little Jace? Dr. Gilda Carle, who does not treat the family, spoke to exclusively about what it could mean now that Jace has a new parent in his life.

Jenelle, 20, has had one of the most dramatic stories on Teen Mom 2. With all eyes watching her every move (i.e. breast implants), it’s important for 2-year-old son to know that he’s still the center of it all now, especially now that the mom is also focused on being engaged.

“A child like this very usually feels as though he’s been neglected by mommy,” said Dr. Carle the 30-second therapist for ”When mommy is not there for him when he needs mommy, he comes to grow up thinking women aren’t to be trusted.”

Dr. Carle said based Gary and Jenelle’s on-and-off history, stability and consistency is extremely necessary for the child to grow up healthy: “If the child is used to Gary being in his life and he’s off again when he should be on again, then major disappointment is set up.”

As far as what effects it might have on the 2-year-old, the therapist warned that the tot might not get along with other children in school, he might act out at home, or get into trouble. He may also have a tendency to demand more attention if he feels neglected.

The doctor’s best advice? She hopes Gary will stick around: “I hope that he gets a dose of maturity so that each time he has an argument he doesn’t flee.”

And for mom? “No matter what happens, mom has got to be a strong force in her son’s life,” she concluded. “The son has to know that he comes first no matter what.”

We wish the best of luck for the new family!

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