Sunday, May 6, 2012


What a wonderful Sunday.  This morning at the gym, I took a wild spin class, then a Body Pump class. I sat in the sauna after. My body feels stretched and firm!  And my vitality is strong.

Backstory:  It's been a rough two years for me, with too many very, very close friends very, very seriously ill.  I succumbed to the stress of worry, and I felt as though I was falling apart myself.  After a lot of decompression, and a lot of self-assessment, prayer, and meditation, I have been slowly waking with a new attitude and determination.  It also helped that I caught the Gail Deevers story on TV, where an Olympic winner had to overcome self-doubt and the potential perils of Graves Disease.  How she made it brought tears to my eyes!  

My friends need me to be strong for them, not some mush that goes to pieces.  I have my power back--and nothing will stop me now.  I wish I had been smarter sooner, but this was the universe's plan:  to go through this painful journey so I could emerge on the other side that much more enlightened.  I'm far stronger now for my clients, students, and fans for having taken this trip with all its potholes.  Thank you, all, for your support!   

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