Thursday, March 8, 2012


Rihanna's Dad:  
The Reason for Her Bad-Boy Attraction?

In light of Rihanna’s dad Ronald Fenty’s controversial comments that she was a “little fat last time” he saw her, and that he used to joke with her telling her she was “getting too fat”, we consulted Dr. Gilda Carle to see what sort of impact this would have on the young star, and how it would influence the type of guys she chooses to date.

Here’s what she has to say…

Rihanna’s Critical Daddy


Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.)
Relationship Expert to the Stars

OMG!  Rihanna, fat?  Her father needs his eyes examined.  But more to the point is a critical father who a daughter can’t please, no matter what she does.  She’s a gorgeous, talented, and successful young woman.  Daddy Dearest (DD) should be applauding his daughter’s phenomenal achievements rather than look to find fault.  But note what Rihanna’s reaction to her dad’s criticism is:  she “has been on a strict diet” since he made these denigrating remarks about her body.  So her aim is to please Daddy . . . and, no doubt, every other man she meets.  If she doesn’t please these men, she unconsciously believes she deserves to be punished (or maybe beat up?).

Therefore, it is no wonder that she’s back with Chris Brown, described by DD as a “nice guy” who made “a mistake.”  Duh!  Doesn’t DD realize that the boy has anger issues?  Doesn’t DD realize that this “nice guy” almost pummeled his daughter to death?

Every woman wants to feel protected by her man.  She initially learns what warm and fuzzy protection feels like from her daddy.  From healthy relationships with parents, a girl can grow up to establish productive and healthy relationships with a mate.  If a girl doesn’t grow up amid respectful surroundings, she must learn how to protect herself.  I so wish Rihanna would get some professional advice and guidance!

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