Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Why Ben Flajnik Is Under Courtney Robertson’s Spell.  Dr. Gilda Weighs In

Courtney Robertson Ben Flajnik

Courtney is SO mean to the other girls on ‘The Bachelor’ that many people are surprised that Ben has kept her around. But a relationship expert tells she isn't too shocked about their coupledom since ‘every guy likes a challenge’ — Do you agree?

Courtney Robertson, 28, has put a spell on Ben Flajnik and has the full scoop. Multiple experts tell us that Courtney’s unapologetically aggressive behavior on the reality show was actually a turn on to Ben, and that’s why he’s keeping her around!

“When a man feels he can tame a shrew, he feels he will have control over her,” relationship expert to the stars and author of How To Win At Love, Dr. Gilda Carle says. “Every guy wants that challenge. And then she becomes his — or so he believes. Bottom line: He doesn’t what he’s in for. Once a b*tch always a b*tch.”

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