Thursday, March 15, 2012

Khloe: You Can Save Your Marriage!

Khloe: Save Your Marriage By Letting Lamar Focus On Basketball, Not Reality TV!

Khloe, a new report says Lamar Odom is furious that you and your family have distracted him from playing his best basketball. It’s time to let him quit your shows!

Khloe, this is a HUGE issue. It’s a huge issue for Lamar who needs to do whatever it takes to save his NBA career now, and not one minute later. And it’s also a HUGE issue for your marriage. If Lamar’s truly angry at you, as the new issue of In Touch reports, for taking his eye off the ball (literally), you may not like it but it’s very understandable.

Lamar Odom, 32, is one of the very top basketball players in the entire world. He is part of a teeny, tiny rarefied group of athletes who are beyond superb at their sport.

It’s incredibly hard to break into the NBA ranks and play at Lamar’s level. Then it’s even harder to stay at that level, especially as you get older by the year.

Lamar loves playing basketball and he especially loved playing for the Lakers for seven years. During the lockout, he was reduced to crying into his Lakers shirt, sniffing it and asking you if he could just wear it around the house, on an episode of Khloe & Lamar.

Now that he’s been traded to the Dallas Mavericks and was almost temporarily demoted to their D-League, the Texas Legends, he’s reportedly resenting you Khloe and your fame-loving family “for taking his focus off the game,” a source told In Touch.

That’s led to him holding back from you both emotionally and even sexually. “He’s really shut down and told Khloe to leave him alone for a while,” says the source.

Khloe, this is really a serious situation. While I don’t agree at all with Lamar shutting down on you and with being so angry – after all, he did agree to film Kardashian shows – I do think you’re the one who has to compromise for him.

Khloe, you married an NBA player. He’s an amazing talent with only a short window to have a top career. That’s the case for all star athletes – time and age are their enemies. This isn’t like a normal career in most professions where opportunities grow with experience. No, for Lamar, there’s always a clock ticking.

Now, I’m usually the last person to ever tell a woman that her husband’s career should come first, but I do feel that in this case Khloe, you’re making your career a distracting conflict for Lamar.

You can absolutely continue to film Kardashian shows, promote Kardashian collections and more, but leave Lamar out of your work. Let him be single-minded about basketball and get his mojo back.

On the other hand, it’s not fair for Lamar to be expressing his frustration with his playing, on the person who is closest to him – you, his wife.

But you have to understand what a blow to his ego, the trade to the Mavericks and his less-than-stellar playing has been.

“He’s suffering, he feels like a failure and he’s punching out,” explains Relationship Expert to the Stars, Dr. Gilda Carle, of

“Khloe needs to let Lamar know she will support him throughout everything but she cannot be the subject of personal attacks,” says Dr. Gilda. “But she has to be careful to not finger point and say you did this or that because it will just make him feel like more of a failure.”

“Instead, Khloe needs to repeatedly assure him that she loves him, supports him and doesn’t care what ever team he’s on,” advises Dr. Gilda. “And once he realizes how suppportive she is through thick and thin, he’ll want to come back to bed with her.”

I agree with Dr. Gilda that Khloe must give Lamar all her unconditional love and support, but that means her love can’t be conditional on him appearing in her family’s shows.

Khloe – let the reality TV go for Lamar and let Lamar be on TV for just one reason – basketball!

Bonnie Fuller

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