Friday, March 16, 2012


Bobbi Kristina Shouldn’t Be Rushing Love!

It’s the romance that took everyone by surprise. And for how long Bobbi Kristina has been dating Nick Gordon, no one is sure  as of yet. With the pair spotted out this week and her wearing what appears to be an engagement ring, rumors of an imminent wedding are growing at fever pitch.

But is Bobbi Kristina, moving too fast? We consulted Dr. Gilda Carle  to share some of her wisdom about whether this relationship is a good or bad move.
She writes…

Bobbi Kristina’s New Romance


Dr. Gilda Carle
    Relationship Expert to the Stars

Bobbi Kristina just lost a mom with whom she had a very close relationship.  During times of grieving, no one should embark on a new relationship; grieving is naturally marred more by the emotion of the loss than by the clarity of the romance.  A mature partner would know this, respect this, and give the grieving person alone time to heal.

Yet, it’s understandable why this vulnerable teen would latch on to a guy who was living in her home.  She feels she can trust him and rely on him in her darkest need.  While the two of them are not biologically related, they nonetheless have a “sibling familiarity.” By grandmother Cissy Houston’s outrage, it seems doubtful that Whitney would have encouraged the PDA’s this couple has been exhibiting.  Surely, the public did not see them while Whitney was alive.

Bobbi Kristini is hurt and broken now.  She must get help to regain her strength.  While it would seem that this young man could be her strong arm to hang onto, he could also end up taking advantage of her vulnerability. I doubt if either of these young people are aware of the ramifications of the future.  But it’s for this reason that loving adults and professionals should intervene.
What do you readers think?
Dr. Gilda

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