Friday, March 2, 2012

18-Yr-Old Seduced by 41-Yr-Old Teacher

Expert Opinion: 

18-Year-Old Is Swept Away 

by Her 41-Year-Old Teacher

Earlier today we featured the report of James Hooker, who quit his teaching job, left his wife and children and moved into an apartment with one of his students, Jordan Powers, who is just ONE year older than his daughter.

So, we consulted Dr. Gilda Carle, Relationship Expert to the Stars, to give us a better insight into this unlikely relationship, and if your read her commentary, it’s easier to understand how Jordan, 18, embarked on this romance. However, it is more difficult to comprehend James’ rationale.

Dr. Gilda writes…

It is not unusual for a teen to look up to and perhaps even have a crush on her teacher.  This happens all the time with teen women as well as with teen men who have crushes on their female teachers.

The problem is when the teacher returns the attraction and leads the student on to believe that the crush could become a reality.  Especially if the student is under age, her vulnerability and susceptibility certainly raises eyebrows.

“In loco parentis” is the contractual agreement teachers take on when they agree to teach.  That is Latin for “in place of a parent.”  So parents entrust their precious kids’ safety to these teachers.  That’s why the girl’s mother feels betrayed now, and why she’s called in the police.

You have to wonder why a 41-year-old adult male would abandon his wife and kids without remorse.  What was his former life lacking that he thinks he’ll derive in this present life with this young girl?  Does he feel more manly?  Superior? In control?

Obviously, the impressionable girl is IMPRESSED.  I hope she grows up sooner than he does!!

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