Saturday, February 11, 2012

Palm Springs Magnificence

After I finished delivering a presentation in Monterey Park to Chinese tour guides for our summer Pursuit of Excellence Institute, and being taken to lunch by a beautiful Chinese attorney, I returned to LA to collect my luggage, and head to Palm Springs--in traffic.  So for 3 hours, I was on the phone with friends from around the country, which made the trip much better.  The sun is glorious, and I didn't even mind the drive...

I just love coming here and staying with my dear friend, a well-known Deputy District Attorney nearby.  She, another friend, and I are like Charlie's Angels when we convene!  We had a fabulous dinner last night in the quiet of her gorgeous estate.  She was on call yesterday, and our laughter was soberly interrupted when she was summoned for advice regarding a person whose car was being repossessed, and who then stabbed the repossessor many times.  A bit pissed off?  Now this person will be charged with manslaughter--and she STILL won't have a car!!!  Listening to my friend's cases is always fascinating.  

Today the 3 of us plan to intermix with all the tourists currently vacationing here, and to do some girl shopping.  Tomorrow I must get into the car again and head back to LA where I'll meet one of my business partners and travel to a radio station almost 3 hrs north, that will be playing some of my Country Music features.  (See "Country Cures" on for further details.)  

This trip has been very productive so far, and I've made some wonderful new friends.  More to come...

Meanwhile, one of my's "Ask Dr. Gilda" columns is currently posted at:


It's called, "Help Me Harness My Cougar Potential."  I hope you'll have fun reading it!

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