Friday, February 24, 2012

Open Letter to Rihanna

Expert Opinion: An open letter to Rihanna

Dr. Gilda Carle 
Relationship Expert to the Stars

Dear Rihanna,
You have everything going for you.  But you’re a woman of passion who’s allowing your fire down below to direct you.  Maybe your rational mind—or at least your most rational advisors—are telling you to stay away.  But you’re listening only to your lust, that heat, that is exciting in its off-limits danger.  Here’s the rational low-down on abuse:  abusers lose their tempers, beat their women, and later show remorse.  That’s when make-up sex can be the hottest sex there is.  Clearly, your ex has a temper.  Do you know whether this temper has been tempered over the 3 years you’ve been apart?  Now that you’re together again, you’re about to find out.  I pray that the heat of the moment will be followed by some rational help from couples therapy.  Since you won’t listen to anyone but that fire, let it guide you to a place that can make a healthy relationship work!
Dr. Gilda

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And if Rihanna needs another reason to be wary of Chris, well, this would be it.

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