Thursday, February 9, 2012

Olympic Spa, LA

Yesterday was extraordinary!  Patty Yoon, owner of the world famous Olympic Spa, 4 McDonald's Franchises, and other businesses, hosted a women's luncheon in my honor.  It was a phenomenal group of very successful women with MEN on their minds.  So I was answering tons of relationship questions for them.

Lunch was followed by an amazing Bliss treatment at the spa.  It began with a mudwort soak, then jacuzzi, then . . . heaven.  Never in my life have I ever experienced such an extraordinary scrub, massage, and Shiatsu treatment.  I didn't think I'd get used to walking around totally nude during this treatment.  But when I saw that all the women, including noted celebs, were in the same state of undress, I just said, "Oh, well," and went for it!!  My personal pampering lasted almost 2 hours, and I didn't want to leave the heated jade stones I finally collapsed on.  I would have stayed there all night, BUT, Patty had a Happy Hour planned for me next, so I could meet another influential friend of hers.  WHAT A DAY!!  I made so many new and extraordinary friends that I'll remain in touch with.  Besides, most of them travel alot, and we can also see each other in NY.

But for sure, every time I'm in LA, I'm booking time at Olympic Spa.   How have I lived this long without it?  Patty, thank you for such a fab day.

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