Saturday, February 18, 2012


Falling Waters in Kernville was fabulous.  I slept with the head of a stuffed caribou with enormous antlers on the wall.  He was adorable!  The owner of the complex told me he gave me this particular cabin because it was the most feminine of all the cabin themes he has.  I'm sure he believed that the caribou would keep me juiced!  

Allen and I had a great time target shooting.  I haven't done that in a long time, and I was miserable, hitting no target.  We were using only hand guns, although I can also handle a rifle.  I surely need more practice, which I will definitely get.  I'll have to search for a range in NY.  

We drove back to LA in freezing, snowy rain. Driving through the narrow and steep canyon with no guard rails, I planned to close my eyes.  But Allen kept assuring me that all would be well.  And it was.  

When we reached LA, it was raining heavily, albeit much warmer.  Still, I needed to wear a jacket.  In the evening, I met my dear friend Shelley at Agape for one of Reverend Michael Beckwith's best sermons.  Agape feeds me, and I'm sorry Allen couldn't be there because he wanted to see what it was all about.

The next afternoon, it was gorgeous and sunny again.  I met my actress friend Claudia for yummy Chinese food.  As I was waiting for the elevator back at my hotel, a man approached me and wanted to meet up later.  He was from London, and I was pooped.  No cheese in that tunnel!  I went to sleep early and arose at 3 AM for an early flight back to NY.  

Here I am!  I miss my California friends and that (usually) amazing weather.  I didn't even experience one earth rumble this time!  Now I'm back to reality, and I must follow up on all the business things left undone before I left, and all the new business things in CA I must attend to.  Traveling is very exciting, but sleeping on my own bed again is priceless.  Hi, again, New York!

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