Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ahhh, California!

I'm having so much fun in LA.  Not only is it great to be away from my routines in cold NY, the warm weather inspires me.  Today I was on air with Josefa Salinas on KHHT.  We taped a Valentine's Day show.  Amazingly, I was in this same studio last year at this time, taping another V-Day show!!  Josefa and I laughed about that.

Yesterday I sat on the Santa Monica beach and meditated.  Some of my fave stores in this area have closed down, and that's a bummer!  Yes, CA is having financial difficulties like so many other places.  That's why the negative ions from the beach are so important to cherish.  No matter what happens around us, there is always the beach--and our culture is on its way to ruining that, too!!

Tomorrow will be an enormously exciting day.  More on that, tomorrow--or the day after.
Dr. Gilda

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