Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seal & Heidi: Do We Care?

Seal and Heidi Discord: Do We Care?

Six years ago, we watched as two seeming opposites fell in love, got married, had children, and ceremoniously and ostentatiously renewed their marital vows each year—with their kids in tow!  Could you hear the communal sigh, as people wished that they, too, could enjoy such romance?  But now there’s trouble in paradise.  Do we care?  Believe it or not, this couple’s marital discord does affect us! 

As a culture without a royal pecking order, we have become celebrity rubberneckers. Celebs are our royalty, and we look to them for templates of what we want and what we want to avoid.

Now we see that this celebrity couple is just like us.  In full view, we’ll watch as they discover that Cinderella’s castle is cracked.  I hope they’ll learn that cracks let in the light, our only source of growth. 

Anyone can divorce—and 50% of our population does.  But the true test is to ride the tide, and smooth the kinks that accompany life.  We will see whether Seal and Heidi have that kind of wherewithal, but meanwhile, we’ll be comparing their circumstances to ours. 

Happiness is easy in good times.  But it’s the rough ones that prove our true commitment.

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