Friday, January 27, 2012


Doctors Speak Out On How Madonna Badger Can Recover From Her Terrible Tragedy

Madonna Badger Suicide

Overcome by grief over the loss of her three young daughters in a tragic fire, Madonna attempted suicide — and experts tell exclusively how she can get the help and strength she needs to heal.

A heartbroken Madonna Badger, 47,  bravely made it through the funeral of her three young daughters and parents, who she lost in a Christmas Day fire, but in the weeks following she tried to take her life after clearly not being able to handle the extreme emotional pain. She’s now been released from the hospital, and experts that consulted suggest how she can begin to cope with such a devastating loss.

The experts we spoke to say that while in the hospital Madonna would have been under constant supervision, been given mood stabilizers and kept from anything that she could use to harm herself. “She would have been getting psychotherapy or intervention — doctors would have been speaking with her, helping her identify” why she tried to take her own life, explained psychologist Jeff Gardere, Associate Professor at Touro College in Osteopathic Medicine.

“She undoubtedly is in the mindset of ‘if only,’” says psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle, author of How To Win At Love. “If only I had done this, done that… then this would not have happened. You know you just can’t do that to yourself. That will only make you more upset.”

Now that she’s out of the hospital, Madonna can take this step towards recovery:
  • Don’t place blame on anyone. “Just accept that this happened, this just happened,” says Dr. Carle. “This is one of those situations where no one can even begin to fathom that kind of loss, that kind of tragedy, unless it's happened to you.”

We hope Madonna will be able to somehow get through this very tragic time!

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