Friday, January 20, 2012

Dr. Oz + Evamor Press Event

Last night, in the gorgeous, crisp New York air, we overlooked the beautifully lit city on the 44th Floor of the Hearst Tower in an elegant suite.  Waiters were serving delicious water with a healthful PH of 8.8, along with assorted delicacies.  

We were at a celebration to announce the launch of Evamor Alkaline Water's Official Sponsorship of HealthCorps, Dr. Mehmet Oz's organization that penetrates inner city schools across the country to alter the way teens eat.  Since Evamor is located in Louisiana, I met many people with those Southern drawls I love.  When one of the men said I was "perrty," we Northerners laughed.  We collected and distributed so many business cards that when I returned home, I found that I had none left!

I had invited some of my friends, including Megan Alexander, correspondent for Inside Edition, Vanessa Tyler, news anchor for WPIX and FiOS, my new editor at, Vidya Rao, and my Creative Director, Lawrence Pitonza.  I don't know where our photos with Dr. Oz will show up, but it was great meeting people who feel as strongly about this worthy cause as I do.  I look forward to combining our efforts.

After the event, Glenn Morris, a principal of Evamor, took me to eat at one of the city's best restaurants, LINCOLN, at Lincoln Center.  Glenn's not only a scientist, but also an explorer.  He came upon this magnificent eatery the night before, when he took in a couple of acts of Tosca (while I had to attend to a conference call.)  What scrumptious food!  Especially thrilling was the licorice ice cream.  We almost slid under the table in delight!  

As we exited the posh restaurant, Lincoln Center's fountains were spurting and flowing on one of the most beautiful nights New York has ever seen.  We were the only ones in this mass space, since the opera was still going on.  Glenn was appropriately cold, since he's from Mississippi, but I was toasty warm under a sweeping winter wrap.  We both agreed that it was a deluxe night.

Watch for great things to come from HealthCorps and Evamor!  I will definitely be in touch with all the wonderful people I met at this event.  

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