Friday, January 27, 2012


Dr. Gilda is Out to Save Our Women from Demi’s Plight

Each day, the reports over why Demi Moore was hospitalized get even more heartbreaking. Across the board, one thing seems to be fact: She had a seizure and  her health has been in decline for some time. is claiming she didn’t try and commit suicide,, whilst TMZ is reporting that Demi is seeking treatment after a nitrous oxide-induced medical emergency.  So, where is Ashton whilst all this drama is unfolding? Oh, he’s out clubbing with young women.

Here’s Dr Gilda’s take on all this…



Dr. Gilda Carle

It’s bad enough to find your husband cheating again and again. It’s also bad for each of his trysts to be broadcast in the media as you feel more and more betrayed and humiliated.  But the marriage between Ashton and Demi was no ordinary one.  And despite what anyone might think, their age discrepancy was not the issue!  It was the roles this couple played in each other’s lives that did them in.  Ashton is an immature child and Demi donned the role of “mommy” to her little boy.

These are the antics that continue to play out for this pair. The NY Post’s Page Six reports that Ashton continues to play with models, but then seek out Demi for consolation when he’s feeling lonely and down.

Ladies, what’s up with us?  So many of my female clients think they have to be the mommy to their men.  My chapter in “Don’t Bet on the Prince!” is titled, “Give From the Overflow, Not from the Core.” Yes, girls, give to your honey after you’ve first CARED FOR YOURSELF!  Demi became exhausted from overfunctioning for Ashton while underfunctioning for herself.  And look where she’s at now:  in rehab!!!   Warning:  Being a mommy to your man-child is dangerous to your health.

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