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Dr Gilda Asks, "Why Did Kim & Kris Bother Marrying"

2 Nov 2011

Nobody expected it to last, but the real shock value comes in that Kim Kardashian could only keep up appearances of being a married woman for 72 days.  Dr. Gilda, The World’s Most Famous Relationship Expert, gives her verdict below:

Kim & Kris: Why Did You Bother?



The gossip is flying! This couple hardly knew each other, became
engaged, and never even discussed where they would live! Now we find that Kris wanted to move to his origin, Minnesota, which would have been homicidal for Kim’s career. Kim says in retrospect that she hoped the marriage would last forever. Oh, really? How would that have been possible, when these two don’t even know what the meaning of marriage?

The Kim/Kris union was a circus from the start, with Kim’s mom as circus conductor. Not unlike a lot of couples today, more effort went into planning a bacchanalia ball than was invested in developing a loving future. Any time the focus is on the wedding as a spectacle instead of souls that are spiritual, there is no hope for survival.

As I wrote in an earlier piece on this site, Kim and Kris didn’t need
a divorce attorney; they needed to learn to navigate their
communications. Two people are brought together to grow as a stronger pair than they were as separate entities. What do you think these two learned? My bet is nothing!

As a result of no growth from the experience, Kim and Kris will resume their separate lives, take the same baggage into subsequent
relationships, and repeat their behaviors. A breakup must create a
new starting point. For those readers still “Keeping Up with the
Kardashians,” understand that marriage is more sacred than what you just observed.

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