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Open Letter to Kat Von D: 
Did You Really Think Jesse Would Change?

16 Nov 2011

The old adage that a leopard doesn't change its spot has never rung truer when it comes to Jesse James.  Our resident Relationship Expert, the World Famous Dr. Gilda weighs in on Kat's recent
confession that Jesse cheated not once, not twice, but 19 times! Is anyone surprised? We're not!  But here, World Famous Relationship Expert, Dr. Gilda weighs in with this letter to Kat.

Letter to Kat Von D



Hey, Kat,
When someone cheats WITH you, he’ll probably cheat ON you. You have finally learned that you can never change a mate. The way you get him is the way you’ve got him. Lovers are like those “As Is” dresses on the clearance rack. They may be a little soiled, but if you’re willing to take them home the way they are, you’ll find that the stains will not come out.

Did you think for a moment that Jesse James would be true to you when he couldn’t keep it in his pants for his wife, Sandra Bullock? No one will ever be able to satiate this man-child. The issue is not how beautiful, sexy, or accomplished any of his women are, but how needy this guy is. Needy people need more, more, more—and more is never enough. For Jesse, women are his drug. And drug addicts continue to need their fix.

In the future, as my book title advises, “Don’t Bet on the Prince!” I’m not saying not to love the prince. Just don’t bet on him for being more than he is. You knew you were getting a soiled dress! Judging from what you wrote on your Facebook post, you’ve learned a valuable lesson that in the future, the only one to bet on is yourself. The next time you fall, be sure it’s someone you can live with as you found him.
Dr. Gilda

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