Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Jennifer cozies up to new love Casper in Hawaii, but is she moving too fast?

Her marriage to Marc Anthony only ended in July, and she's already flaunting her new relationship with a much younger man.
After weeks of whispers that she was dating dancer Casper Smart,
Jennifer Lopez's public display of affection this past weekend in
Hawaii confirmed that, indeed, they were a couple. But at 42, we had to wonder if Jennifer is rushing into romance with the 24-year-old.

Here, Dr. Gilda Carle, The World's Most Famous Relationship Expert, gives her verdict.  She writes.....




As Neil Sedaka sang, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.” Isn’t it ever!!
But finding a quick replacement for a lost love is never the way to
go. J-Lo went from a substantial marriage and family with Marc
Anthony to a new boy-toy--in less than a nanosecond!

So what can this couple imagine their future will be? It matters less that she’s 42 and her “man-child” is 24. It matters less that she’s the predominant wage earner and he must take orders from her. Sure, these could become deterrents if the two of them were trying to walk into a real future. But for now, JLo’s need is apparently for a sexy place-holder and loneliness buffer. Unfortunately, founded on such neediness, these traits dull after a while.

What most concerns me is that JLo did not take the needed time to
examine what went wrong in her marriage, and what changes she must make to be a better partner in the future. Jumping from one
relationship to another is not a healthy relationship tactic. She
needs to give herself time—and that means being alone.

Some people fear being alone, so they end up playing a game of musical beds, always unhappy, and always looking for MORE. MORE is never OUT THERE; MORE comes from within ourselves. But we must remain quiet after a breakup to figure out how to find it. There’s no getting around us all having to do this work. If JLo wants to provide a positive role model for her kids, and develop into better partnership material for the next time around, this is the only way. Otherwise, she will continue to seek one replacement after another, until the options begin to dry up.

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